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Mg Mgb, Midget,t-series Car Keys

MG replacement ignition, door and trunk keys - this list may help you find the replacement key for your MG. Quite often the key type is embossed into the key or code and key style can be found on the bezel of the key lock.
From our experience early T-Series (TC early TD) cars used MRN, Later T-Series used FA and FP.- check your cars ignition lock most often the key type and code are stamped on the exterior bezel.
MGA use FP
MGB, MGBGT, MG Midget ignition - early cars FP, mid range FS, later cars with steering column ignition locks, MG,(69-72), AA (73-77) and X29 (NE24) - 78-80
MGB door/trunk - very early cars FP - most FS
Don't forget that over the years previous owners may have changed the locks on your car, use the above guide as a place to start your replacement key search.

We have a large stock of original Wilmot Breeden keys in MRN, FA, FP, FS series - check this page for details. Can't find your cars key code see our help page.