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British Leyland Style Ignition Key Bl

Replacement British Leyland Headed Key - BL/WB1
An exact re-creation of the vintage ignition key that came as original equipment with so many of our British sports cars.
Compare your key with that shown by moussing on lower image for more illustration.. Cross-sections show view looking from tip of key towards the head. Keys are sent as blanks and can be cut to fit your car at any local key shop for a nominal charge. Check to make sure your blank key fits into ignition before cutting. Key cross section is that viewed from tip of key not the hole it goes in.
Easy check to see if this key is correct for your car - look at your existing key - the shoulder on all other keys we sell are directly opposite each other - on this key they are offset, this creates cuts that are offset from one side to the other..
Application - some mid 70s Triumph Spitfires and TR6 models. (please note TR6 cars used one of three different ignition keys this is only one of the three)
Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: X55
Dominion #: WB1
Taylor #: X55

As this key is asymmetrical (shoulders are offset from each other) - you'll need to point this out to the locksmith who is duplicating your key as it's unusual to see keys were the "shoulders" are not symmetrical. Make sure this is understood before allowing your key to be duplicated as we do not take back cut keys