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Mg Crested Fs Key - Cut To Code

MG logo headed FS (nickel plated) Key cut to your code - Supply the three digit code (use the drop down menu)and we will cut a brand new blank to your correct code.
No more duplicating worn out keys - these are cut to the original shape. You must supply the code taken from your old key or lock - it will be FS??? what we will need is the three numbers after FS.
Please be sure to know your key code before ordering - if you need help call us.
Codes run from FS876 to FS955
KEY_MG/FS (Specify three numbers)
For: British Leyland - MGi doors and early ignition, trunk and many more.
Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: 62FS
Dominion #: 62DR
Taylor #: S71B
Curtis #: UN18
Silca #: UNI11A
Star #: UN3
OEM #: Union
Need help finding your cars lock code - code helper