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Blank Mg1 Ignition Key

Blank MG1 - Cross section shows hole key goes into. Sent blank for your local locksmith to cut for you. Replaces some blanks marked as NH on original.
Note small notches either side of milling area by shoulder.
For: British Leyland. Jaguar. Vauxhall. MG 1969-72. Triumph 1975+ but not all, Stag, TR7 & TR8 (please note TR6 cars used one of three different ignition keys this is only one of the three)
Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: MG1, M81G
Dominion #: UN2
Taylor #: M81G
Curtis #: MG1
Silca #: UNI19
Code Series: NH2000-3001, LF2000-3001