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Blank Aa3p Ignition Key

Blank Plastic Head AA3 Key for you to have copied by our local locksmith. Note this key has a double step in the tip to shank area.
These keys are made of a steel alloy - if you see us at a show we will gladly copy your key for you - however some locksmiths will not cut a steel alloy blank. Click on 3rd image to see a line drawing showing shape of key and cross section that the key goes into.
For: Mainly for British Leyland from 1973 through 1981 including Land Rover Defender 1995-2003, Rovers, Mini, Marina. Jensen Healey and Lotus.
Original key codes inc. BL1001-2000
Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: AA3 - X157 - LF17
Dominion #: LF12
Taylor #: X50
Silca #: LF10
OEM - Lowe & Fletcher