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Lucas: Hilver - Harry Lucas Home 1900

Hilver - Sitting on a two acre site at 5 st. Agnes Rd was the home Harry Lucas helped design for himself - completed in 1900. Hilver the name came from a mixture of his children's names Hilda and Oliver.  Recently Peter Lawrence a Lucas ex employee and enthusiast and I were given access to photograph part of Hilver.  Hilver and two adjacent houses were for many years owned by the Lucas group and used as training facilities.

Although he had never had much use for organized religion, Harry Lucas was a firm believer in the institution of family prayers, and so half-way up the staircase the carved wooden banisters were interrupted by a projecting miniature pulpit from which he carried out the daily patrilocal reading from the Bible to his family and servants assembled below in the hall.  (Acknowledgment - Lucas The First 100 Years H. Nockolds)

I've also included a few more photos taken at St. Mary's Church the final resting place of Joseph Lucas, and two wives (two of three) and other family members.

Harry Lucas

Hilver - 5 St Agnes Road Harry Lucas's home
Hilver - 5 St Agnes Road Harry Lucas's home
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