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Blank Ft Key

Generic FT Key - As this key gets rarer we are using a combination of Silca, Ilco, HD, Errebi and JMA keys
As used by late model MGBs (glovebox) British Fords etc. Blank sent to you uncut for your local key shop to duplicate. Please note we can also supply cut to code (see part number KEY-FT) this will give you a sharp original key - much better than copying a worn out one.
For: British Leyland. Lotus up to 1989. Triumph 1975+ trunk. Jaguar. British Ford.
FT codes run from: FT101 to FT225
Cross section is the hole that key goes in.

Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: 62FT, F68YT
Dominion #: 62FD
Taylor #: F68YT
Curtis #: UN17
Silca #: UNI8
Star #: none
OEM #: Union