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Blank Ft6r / Ws - Key

Blank WS Key for you to have copied by our local locksmith.
Jaguar 1973-85. Some Jensen, Some Sunbeam, Lotus 1976-, Some Triumph TR6 (please note TR6 cars used one of three different ignition keys this is only one of the three) Some Spitfire 1970 on. Fiat 67-83 some models. Original codes ran from FR1-FR2000, FR2001-FR3040, FR4001-FR6000.
Please note this key is designed to be cut on one edge/side.
Cross section is view of key from tip. Click on line drawing for photograph.
Ilco #: FT6R
Dominion #: DM9
Taylor #: F81E
Curtis #: WS2
Silca #: DM1R
Please note we can supply this key cut to code for additional cost providing you know your cars key code.
See separate listing for this key cut to code. KEY-WS