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Winged Blank Fnr Key

Winged blank FNR Key
Blank sent to you uncut for your local key shop to duplicate. Please note we can also supply cut to code (see below) this will give you a sharp original key - much better than copying a worn out one.
For: Early Jaguar. Some other British such as Alvis.

Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: 62DK
Dominion #: 62DP
Curtis #: UN1
Silca #: UNI 17
Davenport Burgess (HD) #: 62C
OEM Wilmot Breeden "Union"

We try to keep a selection of original "Union" pre-cut FNR keys in stock - send us a note if your are interested in an original - please note price for these 50+ year old keys reflects their rarity.