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Alfa, Fiat Ft43, X109 Key

Replacement ignition key
Compare your key with that shown. Cross-sections show the hole key will fit into.
Keys are sent as blanks and can be cut to fit your car at any local key shop for a nominal charge. Check to make sure your blank key fits into ignition before cutting.
Click on line drawing for photo of key.
Uncut key shaft measures 6.98mm x 23.68mm
For: Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1976-80, Alfa Romeo Spider/Graduate 1970-80 ignition.
Fiat 1967-83 also some Lancia and Lamborghini models of same era.
Original codes ran from A501-3278
Cross referenced as:
Ilco #: FT43
Dominion #:FT43
Taylor #: X109
Silca #: SIP11