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3d Letter Plate Silver/black

Currently out of stock - check back soon.
License Plate - 3D Letters
NOTE NO MORE LETTER "A" we have been using old 70s/80s stock and can not replace.
Silver painted three dimensional letters on a black background. Size approximately 20 5/8" X 4 1/2". Please specify letters and numbers to a maximum of seven plus one space. Please note due to a shortage of parts we are sometimes unable to make 3D signs with a letter A or 6/9. (Call to see if we have found any more letters)

Should be used in conjunction with number plate backing plate ALK3268. Back image shows how rivets come through plate and are fastened. You'll have to take this into account when mounting this plate.
The plastic letters used protrude through the face of the aluminum background and are riveted in place - see images below. This will make it necessary to use some form of spacer (we use double sided foam tape) between the license plate and the backing plate if used.
Note - these are custom made items, please be sure this is the correct item and the correct lettering before ordering as once made these are a non returnable item. If in doubt please call first