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As you are aware the cost of mailing and flier printing has gone through the roof in recent years. To keep costs down and to be able to keep prices as low as possible we have discontinued for the present mailing out fliers and catalogues on a regular basis.

All the items we carry are now on our secure web site, this allows us to keep the stock you see up to date as new items arrive and stock availability when only 2/3 of an item are left.
We can send you out a paper flier if you so desire though we restrict this to main land USA customers only as the cost for overseas mailing is to high.

Like most I hate getting spam email, however for a small business it is a cost effective way of getting information out to our customers. Adding you email address to our system will allow us to keep you informed about new products and special offers.
We'll promise not bombard you with weekly scratching about our domestic life, renting you a Condo in Florida  and which car broke down yesterday as others do - we'll restrict our mailings to 4/6 honest specials, new items and news mailings a year.

Please add your email address to our permissions only email newsletters

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