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Tibbe Jaguar Key Cut To Code - No Chip

Jaguar 8 cut Tibbe key cut to your supplied code.
Application: Jaguar XJS - 1990-96, XJ6 & XJ12 1990-97
Will not start engine on any cars fitted with transponder chip.

Note - this is an 8 cut key (not a six cut key) they are not interchangeable and you may harm you locks if you try the incorrect key. If you own a car later than 1997 this is not the key for your car.
For help reading your cars Tibbe key code click on this link
to go to our help page.
Please note you are supplying us your keys code and that is what we'll cut - we'll only replace if we make a mistake.
Read your cars key carefully and input it without mistakes.
If you can send us a good in focus photo of your keys business end we can in most cases make from the phone - call for details.

Cross reference:
Ilco #: S32FJ-P

Codes - T11111111-T33333333

The key you guys made for my Jaguar XJ6 works great. Thank you all at Triple-C for shipping it out to me so quickly. Best Regards, Sean

Just received a replacement 96 XJ6 key. Perfect. exceptional service Thanks Phil